Meet Me.


My name is Leigh. This is what I currently look like. I say currently because I have changed a lot over the past 6 months to a year. I lost about 30 pounds, went from very dark brown hair that I had all through college, back to my natural dirty blonde, then cut off 8 inches of hair!

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee (Go VOLS), but due to my indecisiveness and pickiness about jobs, I currently work as a nanny & part-time in a gym daycare nearby. Obviously I love kids. I interact with mommies & kiddos more than people my age. They teach me a lot! I actually got into Social Work because of the beauty I found in adoption.

My plans for this blog are to document so many of the beauties I am discovering. I am constantly discovering new passions. The biggest one I have discovered this year is health. I have become so passionate about nutrition and exercise, that I am now looking into becoming a certified trainer and nutrition specialist. I will update you on that journey along the way!

I am also very passionate about culture – I love learning new things, tasting new foods, and experiencing the art of cultures around the world. I love fashion. I am a shopaholic. I think beauty can be expressed in your home, your clothes, your food, and anywhere imaginable. I love to cook. I love to explore. I love being active. I love wine.

This year I decided to let go of fear. It has been the best decision of my life! I am loving all of the new things I am learning and can’t wait to start sharing more! I plan to alternate between topics of health/fitness, recipes, life lessons, good finds, and whatever inspires me at the time! I would love to hear feedback if you have questions, or have any topics you ever want me to talk about. That is, if anyone ever reads this 🙂

“Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” -The Lucky One (Nicholas Sparks)

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