My Journey to Health

I am a little buzzed off of this endorphin-high right now, so pardon my enthusiasm. I just took a kick-ass spin/core/stretch class at Results Fitness Nashville (only THE best).

On the way home I was realizing how it is officially holiday season already. Which makes everyone all sentimental and all that ooey-gooey stuff that I totally feel too. I was thinking about how the best gift I am going to have this holiday season is health.

A year ago I moved into my current apartment, began learning a lot about nutrition, and began “training” myself. I was greatly encouraged by a friend who was studying personal training. I worked out for hours a day. I started eating strategic meals, focusing on what specific foods and nutrients my body NEEDED to recover and perform. I then found a gym that has inspired me 10 times more. They have kicked my butt, changed my body, & encouraged my passion.

One extremely important point is that I was never aiming for skinny or a certain weight. My goal is health. I  was careful along the way to never starve my body or over-work it. That wont give you health. My favorite foods are chocolate & tex-mex/southwestern. I still eat those all of the time! But I cook at home with whole, organic foods and just have about 1 oz of dark chocolate. 🙂

A year ago, I was at my heaviest weight of my life, that I can recall. I felt beautiful, and I was beautiful. I have always loved having curves and have no desire to be thin, but I knew I wasn’t my healthiest. Now, I am an ATHLETE. I was the girl who skipped PE in high school & wore very unflattering clothes haha. Now, fitness is fun for me. Before, I was scared to run, honestly, but now its therapeutic! I am constantly challenging myself, which was never part of my personality before.

I decided that in 2012 I was not going to let fear have any hold on my life. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE in my 24 years (Ok, following Jesus as the ultimate best!). At this point, I am nearly fearless. Which makes life so much more peaceful & joyful. It is easier to discover new passions!

I also made this a year of “self-care” in ALL aspects of health. I make sure I get great rest. I take time for ME. That has become a necessity. I can’t tell you how important it is to sloowww down your schedule. I am putting my Trust in Jesus & my spiritual growth is a top priority. I am learning new things. I spend time with friends & family. My family has been so greatly blessed this year. We have never been closer. I am so grateful for the things we have learned this year. Most importantly that family is there to support you.

I hope that others can be inspired to pursue things that they have wanted to do for years. I prayed for probably 10 years that God would be my strength & teach me the discipline to get healthy. His timing has been PERFECT. His blessings have been unbelievable. I have been gifted with so many wonderful people and things in my life that got me here. I am so grateful!


….Now I will got rinse off this sweat I’ve been sitting in. ew. 🙂


About thesebeautiesifind

I am on a constant journey in search of all things beautiful. Daily discovering new passions.

4 responses to “My Journey to Health

  1. Amanda

    You go Leigh! I want to follow! You look amazing!! I’m trying to go healthy but it’s so hard when then junk food is SO easily available! I’m subscribing to this blog so you can inspire me! I’m so proud of you!! Thanks for sharing you’re journey!

    • THANK YOU! Yes, junk food is EVERYWHERE. Even most “health” foods are actually TERRIBLE for you. One book that really taught me a lot was “Master Your Metabolism” by Jillian Michaels. I highly recommend it. If you read it, just remind yourself that you can slowly make changes. It has taken me a year and still learning a lot about foods & ingredients.

  2. I love this Leigh! You rock! Thanks for sharing your journey…

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